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מהו בטון מוחלק?

אם תסתכלו על מבנים אשר נבנו לפני כמה עשורים, תוכלו לראות שהשימוש עם בטון היה בעיקר עבור בניית המבנה. שימוש עם בטון עבור ריצוף היה

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ריצוף בטון מוחלק למראה מרהיב
בנייה וריצוף עם בטון

לא סתם החוק בישראל קובע כי בכל בניין חדש שנבנה יש להשתמש עם בטון מזוין או בשלדה מפלדה המצופה בבטון. תערובת החומרים שבהם משתמשים כיום

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Microzen Micro – The 1# comapny in Israel

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You must have come across different kinds of concrete, but I can tell you for sure that Microzen surpasses them all. Microzen is a 1-5 millimeter concrete that has been polished with much stronger micro-topping and leveling material. 

It is made in Spain, and the company that imported it is the art and concrete interior and exterior. This concrete is also anti-skid.

In this article, the Art & Concrete Israel company will talk about some of the most important things you need to know about Microzen micro-concrete. First, let us discuss what a micro concrete is, and then, we will talk further about it.

  • Micro-concrete – what is it?

It is a coating that is based on cement which you can thinly apply to different kinds of surfaces, such as wood and tile. It will provide you with a concrete look and how it feels at just the fraction of what concrete cost and weighs. Sometimes, it is being referred to as microconcrete, and is also a perfect option for kitchens, bathrooms, and more as its surface is hygienic and free from stain. Which other thing makes it special? It is anti-slip/anti-skid, and this makes it to be a wonderful choice for a floor surface, both interior and outside. This material is almost the same as the microcement.

  • Reasons for making use of micro concrete

Prepackaged Mix

Microzen is a prepackaged mix, making its user not to pass through any stress, and it can be easily laid. With the prepackaged mix, there will be no need for any professional tool, and a person can make an application just with hand. This results in the enhancement and consistency of the quality of each finished surface. More to that, since the mixing of concrete on the site is being eliminated by this material, it can be easy to completely prevent human errors. This makes the material a wonderful surface option. If you have limited space, then it is ideal for you.

Reduced demand for water

One of the main reasons for developing micro concrete was to reduce water demand. As it is also easy to use and can cleave to different materials, it has become preferable aging or cracked concrete structures.

It dries fast

Another reason why people prefer to make use of micro concrete is because of how quickly it dries. Most times, if micro concrete is applied in one day, the item can be ready to use the next day. So, it is a better option for people who want to quickly complete their projects.

  • How micro concrete is used

This material can be used either for residential or commercial purposes. Most people have used it for their shelves and kitchen surfaces. Because of its durability, it can be applied to both internal and external surfaces.

The material is waterproof, making it the best option in kitchens and bathrooms. Micro concrete is versatile and available in different colors, textures, and tones.

If you want to have a unique design and a contemporary finish, Microzen may be the best for you.